Benefits of Home Staging

There are lots of advantages to staging your home for sale, apart from boosting the cost of your property. A staged property also forms a remarkable first impression in a buyer’s mind, as a result, enhancing the possibilities of the deal being closed as fast as possible. It can create an emotional reaction which in turn can lead to a higher price.

What Is Property Staging/Styling?

Staging a property means hiring a property stylist who will prepare your home for the market by staging it with furniture. The property stylist will choose the appropriate furniture items and style them in a professional manner so that they look appealing to the potential buyers. The hire period is usually 4-6 weeks (approximately) to allow photos to be taken for marketing purposes and then during the selling period while open houses are being conducted.

What is the benefit of home staging?

Staging your home can give a different, warmer tone to your home, thus evoking positive emotions in the buyers and consequently increasing the selling price of your house. Staging a home also gives buyers a better idea of how it will look when they’ve moved in – this sense of certainty can be the deciding factor in many buyers decision making. When a home is staged it cam give the buyers better imagination then when the home is vacant. Having your home staged also makes it look very appealing in photos which is very effective in the markting process and can draw more attention to the property.

What are my options?

There are a few different options when staging your home.The first is the stylists will come in to a completely vacant house and provide everything from beds, lounges and dining sets to accessories, TVs and artwork.Another option is partial staging. You may choose to leave behind some bigger items like beds or lounges and they style these pieces. Or you could choose to only stage a few rooms. If you have a vacant bedroom or study that needs to be filled, or you would just like the big rooms styled like the lounge room and main bedroom.The third option which is most cost effective is virtual staging. This means that the home itself doesn’t get staged but the images of the home have furniture photo shopped in. It is always a good idea to indicate on the photos that it is virtual furniture but it can create a great first impression on the internet where majority of buyers come from and still gives the buyers an idea of what the furniture would look like.

What is the cost?

The cost of home staging varies on how big the home is and how much furniture is needed. While some may think it is a fair investment to make it can most certainly make a difference in the selling price. A well-presented home will always be well received by purchasers. You will certainly earn the cost of the staging back in the money you make from the sale.

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