Thinking Of Selling? Autumn may be the right time!

Selling in autumn could mean there are fewer properties on the market to compete with – as many people hold off selling their property until the warmer months.One of the main advantages when selling in autumn is that you’re busting the myth, the myth that you should only sell your property in spring.

Here are some essential things to remember when selling your home in the cooler months:images1FDE138R
Embrace the light: Light is one of your homes bestselling points during the cooler months, pulling back the dark curtains and doing some pruning on exterior trees will allow natural light to flood through rooms.


Repair the damage of summer: Summer can really take a toll on exterior paintwork so cast an objective eye over your home’s exterior for areas of faded or peeling paintwork. It’s the sort of fault that creates an overall impression of neglect yet it’s easily fixed with a quick touch up.

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