Tips To Remember When Moving!

There’s nothing like the excitement of seeing a ‘sold’ sticker on your new home, or your name on the rental property lease, but there’s a lot to do when you’re moving to a new home!


Here are 5 things you can do prior to moving so you don’t leave things to the last minute and have a smooth moving process!




1. Change your address and redirect your mail
You’ll no doubt be surprised at the number of people who need to know your new address! Make sure you change your address or redirect your mail as early as possible. Write a list of everyone you need to inform and cross each one off as you go along, think doctors, insurance companies, schools, the RTA, doctors – the list goes on.   Consider a six-month redirect service via the Post Office to capture anything you may have missed!



2. Connect & Disconnect your utilities
Firstly you should notify your suppliers that you are moving to ensure you’re connected before your move, and disconnected from your current home. No matter how much you love your new home, you won’t love it as much if it doesn’t have electricity, water or gas when you move in!



3. Pack smart
Moving to a new home is a good time to get rid of your old, unused bits and bobs – rather then moving unwanted items into a new home, decide to donate! Your local charity shop will love you for it. To make unpacking much simpler, consider labeling your boxes with the room they belong in. If you’re really organized, keep an inventory of what’s in each box – help your tired self tomorrow by preparing today!

4. Plan ahead for kids and pets
It’s not always easy having small children and pets around while you’re lugging heavy boxes. Ask friends or grandparents to watch them for the day – it will make things much easier for you all.



5. Make sure you’re covered!
Have you moved your insurance policy to cover your new address? It’s often the last thing on everyone’s mind when moving house.
Firstly, make sure you policy covers your move. Even with experienced movers, some damages can sometime occur. Also check with your removals company what their own insurance covers. It’s better to be safe than sorry!