Tips For Sellers – Focus On Minor Repairs

Make any necessary minor repairs. You’ll most likely find a buyer more quickly and the sale process will be much smoother if everything that needs to be done is taken care of before you lost your property.


Fix leaks, peeling paint, anything broken. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to improve presentation. Remember, repairs signal to a buyer that the home has not been well maintained. They are thinking ‘if this is what I can see, what else might be wrong?’ you are really just postponing the inevitable. Even if there is a buyer who can overlook repairs, they may be expecting the home to be priced under market value.


Another cheap and easy way to update your home is to freshen up fixtures and hardware. Light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, taps, shower heads and cabinet hardware can all be replaced for very little money and make a huge difference in terms of visual appeal.