Prepare For Swimming Season

Summer is almost here! Time to dust off your swim gear and enjoy the warmer weather around the pool. Here are some tips to remember before you start swimming:

Fence first
Does your fence have child-proof locks? Is its gate locked at all times? Is there anything close that can be used to climb over it? Before dipping even a toe, give your fence an audit to make sure it is compliant with current safety standards.
Cover the basics
Before the big wet begins, consider swimming lessons for anyone who may need it. It means the whole family can enjoy the benefits of a refreshing dip on a stinking hot day with at least some basic skills to practice under supervision in the home pool or on the beach.
Is your pool feeling blue?
There is every chance the last time you spring-cleaned your pool was last spring. It is time to give it some love.

Here’s some secrets to a happy pool:
• Keep the balance – Usage, weather and products can affect the pH balance of your swimming pool. If unsure, you can take a sample to a Clark Rubber store and get a free test to make sure your water is good to go.
• It is a dirty job, but … Our cartridge and sand filters remove oxidised impurities and sediment and impact water distribution throughout our pools, so we should look after them. “Dirty filters impact water quality and as the flow rate decreases, less water is filtered and the currents dispersing chemicals get weaker, leading to algae build-up. To combat this, change your filter time clock to operate eight hours a day during summer,” Veitch advises.
• Regular brushing – Algae and bacteria grows in areas with little circulation. To prevent build-up, brush and vacuum the walls and floor of your pool at least weekly, he adds.



Deck check
Our skin needs its annual pre-summer checkup; so too do our decks.

Tips to homeowners:
• Check for damage – repair loose boards, wonky nails and/or rotting posts or joists before summer pool parties
• Give decks a spring clean – sweep first, remove dirt, algae or moss with a timber deck cleaner then rinse with fresh water
• Use a good quality sealant – “To give your deck an instant facelift.”
Have a pool emergency plan
Are all pool chemicals locked away? What is the procedure if someone has an accident in the pool, beach or other water body?
Have a long pole, a ring buoy with a throwing line and a first aid kit close at hand, says Veitch. Make sure everyone under your roof knows what to do in an emergency.
“Keep emergency numbers handy. Get up to date training in lifesaving, first aid and CPR.”