DIY Jobs That Can Add To Your Selling Price

Try some small DIY jobs that could potentially maximise your profit on your home!

Minor repairs:plumber-working-on-sink
You might find you’ve been putting up with a sticking window/door or dripping faucets for so long that you don’t notice it anymore. Make those minor repairs so buyers won’t deduct dollars from the value of your home.

Keep your lawn mowed and your gardens weed free! Potential buyers notice the garden and lawns when they first enter your property so making a good impression is key.


You may be surprised what a fresh coat of paint could do for your home! It could add some sparkle to the home. Tip: Choose a neutral colour that will appeal to a wide range of buyers and that could potentially make smaller rooms appear larger. 

Adding a fresh coat of paint could make your floors look dull. Replacing flooring could be a costly expense that isn’t likely to add great value to your home, stick to cleaning the carpets, refreshing the hardwood floors and cleaning your tiles – unless it’s absolutely necessary to replace.


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