Choosing the right agent for you

When you decide to sell your property you want the experience to be as pleasant as possible while also being profitable. Choosing the right agent plays a huge role in this. A local agent can offer expert advice in how to present your property for the market to achieve a successful sale.

Ask around
If you haven’t dealt with a real estate agent before, it can be a good idea to talk to friends or family members who have sold before. They may have a good recommendation for an agent they have used previously. Checking recent local sales is also a good idea as it shows you who is dominant in the area. Talking to the local agents will not only give you information on the current market trends in the area, but also give you a feel for if they are someone you could see yourself working with.

Have a businesslike mind
You need to feel comfortable with your agent but you also need to remember it is a business relationship. Both parties are hoping to benefit from a successful result so don’t be afraid to check the agent’s experience and to ask how much commission will be charged.

Be realistic
As well as being guided by your agent’s knowledge of the market, you should also do some homework yourself to make sure you have some idea of the top and bottom prices you could expect for your property. An agent who suggests a price that seems unrealistically high may not be the best person to sell your home.

Ask questions
The right agent should be able to communicate well and to explain the selling process to you. Ask about costs such as advertising, check the proposed marketing program, enquire about whether open houses would be beneficial and get your agent’s opinion about the presentation of your home. The answers should help you to know whether you will be happy to entrust your valuable asset to this agent.