School Holidays Are Here!

School holidays provide a break from school work and a chance to refresh but parents will know that it can be a challenge to keep their children happy and occupied over the holidays so we’ve put together a few things that could help keep your family busy!

Local Activities
Places like shopping centres, parks, museums, art galleries and libraries usually organise a number of activities during the school holidays — many of which are free! Activities include everything from sports clinics, arts and crafts workshops, cooking classes and movie screenings
Get creative
The holidays are a great time for you to get creative with your kids. Whether it’s painting, making play dough, baking some yummy treats, making a cool science experiment or even tie-dying some old clothes you’ll be sure enjoy spending quality time with them while having a little bit of fun too!
Head outsidefleurieu-peninsula-things-to-do-school-holidays-sc1
Outdoor activities are endless! You could do some gardening, go for a bike ride, organise a picnic with friends, go to the park, head to the beach or even just go for a walk around your neighbourhood

Go on a holiday
Sometimes being at home can send the kids crazy (as well as parents!), so it might be nice to go somewhere for a while! You might decide to go camping, take a road trip somewhere new, escape to somewhere warmer and enjoy the sunshine or maybe even head overseas. Taking holidays also gives the kids a great opportunity to meet new friends and experience new things



We hope you enjoy these school holidays!