DIY: Dip Dye Pots

Dip dying furniture and home wares is the trend of the moment, and it’s so easy and inexpensive!
Here is an awesome and really easy DIY dip dye project we found and thought we would share.


What you’ll need:
Ceramic Pots
Tie Dyewhatever colour you prefer
Water and bowl


What to do:
Fill up your bowl half way and pour in tie dye
Dip your pot in halfway –  hold for 5 seconds the remove from water
Dip in again, lower then the first line, hold for 10 seconds then remove from waterdip
Dip in water a third time, hold until you get desired color then remove from water and let dry
Plant your preferred plants and your done! (we said it was easy)



We hope you have a great time experimenting with this fun DIY project!
Found on:  – great site!