Tips For Sellers – Street Appeal

Whenever you are prepping an area of your home for sale, rule number one is to always start with decluttering – and the front of your home is no exception. First impressions are very important. Buyers who are turned off by the sight of your home from the street are unlikely to look any further.


Some things to consider can include:
How does your house show from the street?
Can you see your home, or is it obscured by overgrown shrubs and trees?
Is there colour in your garden beds?
How does the paint on the exterior of your house and front door look?
Do you have a clear entry way to the house?
How does your home look, compared to your neighbours?

Some easy ways to improve appearance can include updating or adding a front fence (it is important that the style of fence matches the style of house), replacing an old letterbox, new house numbers that stand out, add a plant or two (potted plants can make a great framing tool for the front door) and look at the front door (does it need painting or replacing?).