Fathers Day Gift Idea

Father’s Day is coming up, have you thought anything you can get your dad? What about making him something? We found a greDadat DIY photo frame that your dad would love!


What you’ll need:
Craft wood letters – spelling DAD
Blending paint brush
Sample pot of paint
Wood glue
Clear tape
Your photos
What to do:
– Firstly make sure you place some newspaper on the surface you’ll be working from so you don’t get paint everywhere
– Start to paint your letters. Use whatever colour you like!
– Once the paint if dry, cut out your photos to stick on the back of each letter ensuring they are big enough to cover the holes
– Next glue your letters together with PVA craft clue. Make sure you letters overlap and you glue then together at each point
– Then you’re finished and you have created a great personalised gift for your dad
We hope you have an awesome time creating this project and your dad loves the end result!
Found on – www.bunnings.com.au/diy-advice