Bedroom Storage Tips

Once-worn clothes piled up on the chair, stacks of unread magazines teetering beside the bed, clothes spilling out of overstuffed drawers … sound familiar? If so, you are in good company. Finding a place to put everything in the bedroom is not easy, especially if your wardrobe space is limited (or non-existent). Here are 13 ways to maximise your bedroom’s storage potential.

1. Built-in floor-to-ceiling cupboards
Consider investing in tall, narrow cupboards or shelving. Surrounding a doorway on both sides looks balanced, and you can fit a surprising amount of clothing into a narrow space when it reaches all the way to the ceiling.

2. Use a tote to stow dry cleaning
Do your clothes awaiting dry cleaning tend to pile up in an unsightly heap in the corner of the room? Dedicate a large tote bag or market basket to collecting dry cleaning, and the heap will be contained in one spot until you get a chance to take it away.


3. Go for an extra-wide dresser
Does your dresser leave wasted space on both ends? Fill the entire wall instead with one long dresser (or a set of little matching dressers) to use every last centimetre. Filling the space from wall to wall can actually make your room look bigger, too.

4. Hang clothes for extra storage
Take a cue from this homeowner and use a simple wardrobe rack to keep your favourite, prettiest pieces on display, freeing up room in the closet for bulkier pieces and basics.

5. Make a wardrobe where there is none
No wardrobe in the bedroom at all? Transform one wall into a boutique-inspired walk-in-robe with a combination of hanging rods, shelves and drawers. If you don’t want everything on display all the time, install a curtain or doors in front.


6. Choose bedside tables with storage
Tulip tables may look elegant, but if storage is an issue, you need something with drawers, shelves or a cupboard in that spot. Use the space to stow your bedside reading, of course – but if you have extra room, why not also tuck in extra sheets or a spare blanket?


7. Contain spare pillows and blankets in a big basket
Your laundry isn’t the only thing that can get tossed into a great big basket – use one to corral wayward throw cushions and blankets, too.


8. Clean up your “floordrobe” with baskets and bins
You know what I mean – those clothes that pile up on the chair, bench or floor that may have been worn once but aren’t really dirty. Instead of letting things get out of control, tackle the problem with a few dedicated baskets.


9. Build in extra storage around your bed
Fill in blank wall space around and above your bed and you’ll multiply your storage options exponentially. Tall, narrow cupboards on either side of the bed can hold hanging clothes, while a cabinet above the headboard is the perfect spot for stashing books or off-season accessories. For safety, be sure that anything you hang over your bed is extremely secure.

10. Go all-in-one
Make the most of an awkward space with custom built-in cabinetry that incorporates a headboard, nightstands and wardrobe. Aside from fitting your physical space to a tee, a custom piece means you get to choose exactly the right storage combination for your stuff. Have little to hang but tonnes of sweaters? Go with more drawers and shelves. Love to read? Incorporate a bookshelf beside your bed.

11. Pick a bed with storage … or add your own
Under-bed storage has received a bad rap in the past – but as long as you don’t overstuff the area, using it is really smart. Some beds come with storage compartments built in. If yours doesn’t, you can still use bins designed for this purpose, or give a few old wooden drawers new life by fitting them with casters and sliding them under the bed. Whichever storage option you choose, make sure it has a cover to keep dust out.

12. Seek out slim tables and wall mounts where space is tight
Have only a sliver of space between the foot of your bed and the wall? You can still put it to use. Squeeze in a tiny bit more storage with a super-narrow console or floating shelf to use as a dressing table, or wall hooks for necklaces and scarves.


13. Think outside the wardrobe for shoe and accessory storage
If space is tight in your wardrobe, think about moving your accessories out into the open. Cubby-style shelves work well for keeping shoes, hats and bags neat and easy to find.