Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Winter is surely on it’s way in Australia. We’ve got some handy tips that could help you keep your home warm in the cooler months.


Cover the floors: Woolly carpets or rugs are the best to use to ensure your home is kept warm in colder months

Heavy curtains: Curtains can help keep the warm air in and the cold are out. Try keeping them closed on cold days but open on sunny days so the sun can shine through your home

Close off rooms so you don’t heat rooms that aren’t being used

Seal your windows and doors: Gaps can waste up to 25% of the heat you use to warm the house up

Install insulation: if you can only afford to spend a minimal amount on improving the energy efficiency of your home, look at spending it firstly on insulation. A house loses heat initially through the ceiling, then walls and lastly the floor. So always insulate your ceilings first!

Focus on people: It sounds really straightforward but often it’s easier to warm yourself then your whole house. A warm pair of ugg boots and a warm jumper/coat could save your family some money in electricity bills


We hope these tips help you keep warm over the cool months!